libro 2g-aires Mateus No.28 (2004), Varios

2G-AIRES MATEUS NO.28 (2004) 

por el autor   Varios

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ISBN: 9788425219450
Tema: Arte - Arquitectura
Fecha publicación: 2004
Páginas: 144
Idioma: Español

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AGOTADO / OUT OF PRINT The architects Francisco and Manuel Aires Mateus occupy an important and well-deserved place on the current Portuguese architecture scene. The sheer quantity of their public and private commissions, the competitions won over the last few years, the countless prizes received and the publicizing of their buildings at the international level are all signs of the recognition of their work. This issue of 2G is the first monograph on the work of these Lisbon brothers and opens with a text by the critic João Belo Rodeia, a commentary by Alberto Campo Baeza on the house in Alenquer and an 'informal conversation' with their teacher Gonçalo Byrne and Valentino Capelo de Sousa. Among the buildings presented one might single out the magnificent students' residence on the Coimbra University campus, the Universidade Nova de Lisboa rector's office or their splendid experiments in single-family housing, plus the rehabilitation of a ruined house in Alenquer, the Alvalade patio-house, the weekend house on the coast at Alentejo or the conversion of a former wine warehouse into housing in Brejos de Azeitão, all of these in Portugal.

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