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ISBN: 9788425220135
Tema: Arquitectura - Historia de la arquitectura
Fecha publicación: 2005
Páginas: 144
Idioma: Español

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OUT OF PRINT During the course of his career Carlos Ferrater has managed to develop a series of specific forms for resolving a wide variety of architectonic programmes and urban situations. We could speak of the gradual invention of a series of individual formal devices, devices that spring from the premises of abstraction, rationalism or functionalism within modern architecture and which have gradually acquired greater complexity. This number of the magazine 2G shows the recent work of Carlos Ferrater and his team. Works and projects that, as Josep Maria Montaner says, may be grouped in a repertoire of five different formal systems: containers; urban residential morphologies; the series of volumes connected by streets; landscapes of fragmented volumes; and fractal forms or geometries of complexity.

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