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ISBN: 9783833121630
Tema: Agronomía. Agrología. Semillas y abonos - Floricultura y jardinería
Editorial: H.F. ULLMANN
Fecha publicación: 2006
Páginas: 1008

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This work provides the basics that every rose gardener needs to know! An old Chinese proverb promises: "If you want to be happy your whole life long, plant a garden." "Botanicas Pocket Guides" will help you transform any patch of earth into a source of happiness, satisfaction and beauty. Whether for a favorite cool and shady corner or a magnificently blooming flowerbed, every garden enthusiast is continually on the lookout for beautiful plants and ideal combinations. This comprehensive and user-friendly series makes the choice easy, even for those seeking unusual varieties. Ranging from A to Z, more than 2000 plant description are presented on nearly 1000 pages, each accompanied by brilliant colour photographs. Every description includes tips on care and location, information on origins, planting and blooming times, forms of growth, frost hardiness and suggestions for beautiful arrangements. The index of common names and synonyms makes every plant in this international garden atlas easy to locate. The botanical lexical of the "Botanicas Pocket" series present the entire world of garden plants in a valuable three-volume encyclopedia.

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