eBook 1000 Best Quick and Easy Time-Saving Strategies, Jamie Novak


por el autor   Jamie Novak

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ISBN: 9781402231506
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Fecha publicación: 2007
Idioma: inglés

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Is there never enough time in the day? So many of us run around day after day in a whirlwind--rushed, behind schedule, overworked, stressed-out and short on patience. Every day is jam-packed with things to do--and not enough time to do them! If you struggle with fitting it all in, if every day feels like an uphill battle to get it all done, 1000 Best Quick and Easy Time-Saving Strategies is the book is for you. Professional organizer Jamie Novak will show you how to: --Say no to new commitments without feeling guilty --Get the important things done--including taking care of YOU --Make handling paperwork a breeze and paying bills a snap! --Put an end to distractions that eat up your time --Get the most mileage out of your trips to the store and other errands and so much more! With these 1,000 flexible time-management tips and down-to-earth ideas that actually work in the real world, you'll soon be on your way to conquering your schedule once and for all!

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