eBook #3 The Pacific Giants, Jean Flitcroft


por el autor   Jean Flitcroft

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ISBN: 9781467751155
Tema: Juvenil - Juvenil
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2014
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The ugly head pivoted on its long neck. Its eyes bulged, its jaw dropped open, and then the snake-like coils appeared... With another summer ahead of her, Vanessa joins her dad's girlfriend, Lee, on a trip to a remote island off the coast of Canada. Lee's investigating the disappearance of whales in the area. Vanessa hopes to spot a few whales herself. But she doesn't expect to encounter a very different kind of water creature one that the locals don't like to talk about. Without her mom's cryptid files to help her, can Vanessa identify this strange beast? Mysterious sea serpents aren't the only secret on this island, though. Vanessa soon finds herself drawn into a world of ruthless whale hunters. To expose their crimes, she'll have to risk her life and come face-to-face with the monster that roams this corner of the Pacific.

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