eBook Archer & Armstrong (2012) Issue 10, Fred Van Lente


por el autor   Fred Van Lente

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ISBN: 9781629786186
Tema: Cómics - Cómics
Editorial: VALIANT PR
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Español

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ALL-NEW ARC! Archer and Armstrong and Aliens. Oh my! Mary-Maria, Archer s arch-nemesis/love interest/adopted sister is back, ready to take over The Sect by any means necessary. And what better way to seize control of the secret society of secret societies than by unlocking their most secretive of secrets on the secretest place on Earth? And who but the Valiant Universe s premiere team of conspiracy-busters can possibly stop her? Just when you thought this book couldn t get any weirder, Archer & Armstrong storm Area 51…and things get weirder still!

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