eBook Barcelona Graffiti, Rosa Puig i Torres


por el autor   Rosa Puig i Torres

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ISBN: 9788425226557
Tema: Arte - Bellas Artes y Aplicadas
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Español
Formato electrónico:  PDF  (32.36MB)

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The graffiti photographed in this book are a privileged testimony of Barcelona at the beginning of the 21st century and were made by the most inspired and radical street artists; graffiti artists who have made names for themselves in this city and are now internationally recognized artists.The ephemeral wall-canvases of a vibrant Barcelona in constant architectural redesign have summoned graffiti artists from around the world to create works of powerful form and colour, a transformation which has resulted in the enjoyment of the ordinary citizen and condemnation from the local administration.As an author, I thank the publisher for the privilege of republishing this new version of Barcelona Graffiti, for which I have chosen the graphic works of greatest impact and visual interest. As a photographer, I?ve insured that these collected samples cover the range of creative vitality of this city which astonishes the world by being a Mecca for graffiti and street art in general. I hope the selection will please everyone...

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