eBook Better Off Immortal, Elle Chardou


por el autor   Elle Chardou

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ISBN: 9781618685971
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa de terror
Editorial: Permuted Press
Fecha publicación: 2015

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Unhappily Ever After Manon and Mikkel have become what every living vampire dreams to be. They are Daywalkers, able to live both in the night and the day. While attending a conference of world s vampire elite, the cracks in the foundation of their relationship slowly appear. Determined to make their marriage work, Manon tries to be the perfect trophy wife relaxing, shopping and making love to her husband. But Mikkel is colder than ever and Manon can t help but wonder is she better off without Mikkel? Family Secrets When the vicious Zahara puts a price on Manon s head it s Mikkel s handsome son, Emmerik, who is there for Manon. Under Emmerik s protection, Manon learns her true heritage is different than she ever dreamed and that Emmerik entices her in ways her husband does not…. Better Off Immortal? Manon must continue her journey as a Daywalker and live with the legacy that has haunted her people for thousands of years. With her unique blood and cunning skills, she evades assassins and faces a choice with life-changing consequences. Who should she choose to be by her side for eternity Mikkel or Emmerik?

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