eBook Bound To Be Bitten, Victoria Morris


por el autor   Victoria Morris

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ISBN: 9781935897217
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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A man clad in leather pants and a trench coat fingers a set of handcuffs as he approaches the apartment building of someone from his past. She called him to her years before when she was just a girl, but she was too young then. Now he's back to claim her. While he's more than pleased when she welcomes him in, Chelsea Dean quickly realizes she's made a big mistake. Although she's as mesmerized as she was before, the romance rapidly vanishes when she's kidnapped and imprisoned in an isolated cabin he built decades ago. Stripped of her clothing, locked in a bedroom with bars on the window, and chained at the ankle to prevent escape, Chelsea becomes his sexual plaything and a continuous source of food. His views of humanity bear little resemblance to romantic, 21st century vampires, for him, humans are food, toys, there for his enjoyment and nothing more. During a particularly rough act of 'play', the vampire draws too much blood from his plaything, and believes she's about to die. He prepares her a coffin, wraps her in a shroud and heads off to his daytime hiding place. While gone, Chelsea recovers from the attack and flees into the forest, however it's not long before the vampire is stalking her through the woods. Frantic to escape his grasp, she runs into a Luther and Miriam, a couple dressed in Amish clothes. She's quickly whisked off to the safety of a nearby farmhouse, while Luther, no ordinary man himself, confronts the vampire, who he knows as Matthias, smashes him into a tree and takes him prisoner. Chelsea learns that Luther and his friends are part of The Colony, a secret sect of vampires who live by their own rules. Although they treat her well, Chelsea is unwilling to kill Matthias as Luther commands and she attempts to flee. When she fails to escape, she's taken to the barn, where she becomes one of 'the herd', humans kept like cattle and used solely for their blood and their captor's sexual pleasure. While Chelsea prays for some way to escape the terrible nightmare, the treacherous vampire world around her explodes into a wild battle for control amongst these powerful beasts. Combining BDSM erotica with vampire legend, Victoria Morris weaves a chilling and suspenseful tale, sure to keep readers turning pages to the very end.

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