eBook Brain and Modern Computers, Maria Jose Tiberius Molina


por el autor   Maria Jose Tiberius Molina

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ISBN: 9788415328148
Tema: Psicología - Historia de la psicología
Editorial: MOLWICK
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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The book on cognitive psychology about the cognitive aspects of the brain and modern computers is the first one of the four books series of the Global Cognitive Theory.The comparison of the characteristics of cognitive psychology between brain and modern computers is very useful in order to explain the basic concepts of memory, intelligence, and the performance requirements of the system.The common characteristics of intelligence and memory are examined in title II. The basic conceptual identity of both functions is stressed because one cannot exist without the other. Other common aspects discussed are the necessity that both have for physiological support, at least, to reach a high potential, the complementariness of both functions and the constant optimization that the system of human intellect is subject to due to the complexity and flexibility of cognitive theory. In title III a series of practical implications or considerations on cognitive theory are mentioned about certain topics of evolutionary psychology regarding people, education, and the evolution of life.

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