eBook Chasey's Surrender, Reese  Gabriel


por el autor   Reese Gabriel

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ISBN: 9780976967958
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2014
Idioma: Inglés
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When Chasey Lamm accidentally discovers her new neighbor Jennifer naked tied over a table and being whipped by her handsome, older husband Victor, she's both repulsed and aroused. She learns that pretty young Jennifer is the man's willing slave, and now Victor has set his sights on Chasey, too! As a distraction, Victor orders Jennifer to pleasure Chasey's philandering husband, Jack. But Jennifer's passionate submission to Jack awakens his deep dominant desires. When Chasey discovers her husband's infidelity, she confronts him, only to find herself suddenly thrown down over their kitchen table, spanked and taken savagely from behind. Shattered, confused and betrayed, Chasey orders the cheating Jack out of the house and out of her life. She's now under Victor's spell. The accomplished Dominant Master undertakes to train her as a pleasure slave. But does Victor intend to replace the increasingly jealous Jennifer with this new submissive? Or will he put the surrendering Chasey on the open market? Or is it possible that Chasey's husband Jack will find a way to win back his wife before it's too late?

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