eBook Children being Seen and Heard, Vikki S Katz


por el autor   Vikki S Katz

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ISBN: 9788493826055
Tema: Ciencias Políticas y Sociales - Sociología
Editorial: ARESTA
Fecha publicación: 2011
Páginas: 131
Idioma: Español
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Migration creates opportunities and challenges for millions of families each year. Integrating into a new society requires acclimating to new environments, a process that poses multi-faceted communication challenges. How do migrants learn about and become members of their new communities? Children Being Seen and Heard explores how migrants children make and maintain connections between their families and their new communities by brokering language, cultural meanings, and media. From the family home to workplaces and businesses, health care settings, social services offices, and schools, taking children s contributions seriously helps us understand how migrant families integrate, and why some families have an easier time doing so than others. Children Being Seen and Heard is for policymakers, community stakeholders, and anyone who has ever had questions about how migrant families successfully integrate into their new environments. It is also for students, teachers, and researchers interested in family communication, international migration, childhood studies, community studies, and related fields.

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