eBook Climbing Mountains in Stilettos, Ann Tinkham


por el autor   Ann Tinkham

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ISBN: 9781402250521
Tema:  - Libros sin catalogar
Fecha publicación: 2007
Idioma: inglés

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Why do bad girls always go farther, climb higher and just have more fun? Climbing Mountains in Stilettos is your rulebook for throwing prim, proper and powerless out the window and letting your inner bad girl take the world by storm. It's a trail guide to a new you for women who are sick and tired of the worn-out paths tread by good girls in flats and want to live by their own rules. Authors Ann Tinkham and Carol Brunelli will show you how to: -Take the Yellow Brick Road back home to your dazzling bad girl self -Learn how to keep your words from being your own worst enemy in Sabotage Gulch -Trek through Luscious Body Hot Springs and stop obsessing about your body -Silence critics (and stop being left speechless) after a hike through Sassy Comeback Arch With inspiration from the baddest bad girls past and present and great advice from women who've been there, Climbing Mountains in Stilettos will help you banish your fear of heights, get in touch with your better (and badder) side and conquer life's trails in your favorite pair of heels-practical or not.

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