eBook Divas Do Tell, Virginia Brown


por el autor   Virginia Brown

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ISBN: 9781611943863
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa policiaca. Novela negra
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Español

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Lights! Camera! Murder! Trinket and the gang, beware! Hollywood descends on Holly Springs, and soon it s up to the Divas to keep the stars from falling like magnolia blooms in a trailer-park tornado. Someone doesn t want DARK SECRETS UNDER THE HOLLY to reach the big screen. He or she is willing to kill locals, movie stars, and maybe even Divas to stop it. Diva-sister Dixie Lee Forsythe wrote the juicy tell-all about a historic Mississippi town very much like Holly Springs, and a lot of townsfolk would be happy to strangle her. Bitty is in a blond lather over a gossipy story line about a philandering Senator who very much resembles her late husband. And even Trinket s a little miffed at Dixie Lee s oh-so-recognizable Trinket Truevine character, described as, "built like a girls basketball coach not necessarily a female one." Dixie Lee starts getting mysterious death threats, an actress brings being a diva to heights even Bitty can t match, and a production assistant is murdered. If Trinket, Bitty, and the Divas don t solve this case quick, Oscars season in Tinsel Town will be short a whole bunch of stars.

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