eBook Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #5, Al Ewing


por el autor   Al Ewing

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ISBN: 9781782764465
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa de ciencia ficción
Editorial: TITAN BOOKS
Fecha publicación: 2014
Idioma: Español

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DYING SPACE STATION! SHAPESHIFTING HORROR! ALICE S LAST BREATH? Still trapped aboard the SERVEYOUinc research satellite, Alice and the Doctor must unravel the mystery of the creature codenamed 'ARC - while staying one step ahead of its whisper-quiet rampage through the station! But there s something essential the Doctor s missing something he s overlooked. Can Alice help him see it, in time to save her life… or is the story of the Doctor s favorite sarcastic library assistant doomed to end in the icy depths of space? Writer Al Ewing (Loki: Agent of Asgard) and artist Boo Cook (2000AD, Elephantmen) invite you to a high-tech race against time, with everything to play for!

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