eBook Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Vol 1, Rob Williams


por el autor   Rob Williams

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ISBN: 9781782764496
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa de ciencia ficción
Editorial: TITAN BOOKS
Fecha publicación: 2015
Idioma: Español

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THE MAGNIFICENT FIRST COLLECTED EDITION OF THE ALL-NEW ELEVENTH DOCTOR ONGOING! Alice Obiefune was at her lowest ebb when the Eleventh Doctor burst into her life she d lost her mother, her job and her apartment. But it didn t take much of the Doctor s compassion to get her on board the TARDIS, rediscovering the beauty in life, one time-lost adventure at a time! From tackling an alien pet in the streets of London, to exposing a devilish mystery in the 1930s Bayou; from discovering the truth behind an austerity-hit pleasure planet to facing a shapeshifting horror in a scientific research station every day with the Doctor brings a new, impossible, life-threatening experience! But there s a storm gathering, just out of view... One that threatens to offer both the Doctor and Alice their deepest, fondest wishes... Just hope they don t accept! Collects Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1-5

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