eBook Dr. Greenlaw and the Zulu Princess, Tom Steinbeck


por el autor   Tom Steinbeck

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ISBN: 9781618689849
Tema: Literatura - Literatura
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Ingl�s

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For those who claimed his acquaintance, and they were only a pitiful few, Dr. Greenlaw appeared a most unexceptional gentlemen, until one clear and polished spring day, he decided to take a walk down toward a small boat yard. As he passed the boat yard, he noticed an odd-looking vessel peeking out from behind a long low building. The vessel, which looked like a small schooner, lay half-hidden behind a long lumber-loft and appeared to be supported by little more than high weeds and best wishes. Dr. Greenlaw, in spite of his complete lack of experience in sailing, chooses to purchase the schooner. Rebuilding the boat for the next two years were the happiest he had ever known, but fixing it up won't be his only challenge. Dr. Greenlaw, with the help of Captain O'Malley, must assemble a crew, set sail, and safely return home, which may not be so simple.

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