eBook eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale, Albee Ardath


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ISBN: 0000071628649
Tema: Economía - Marketing y publicidad
Editorial: Mc Graw Hill Interamericana
Fecha publicación: 2009
Idioma: Inglés
Formato electrónico:  EPUB  (2848KB)

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Turn prospects into buyers with apowerful emarketing strategy! Albee shows how smart business-to-business marketers learnabout buyers, tell a story, and greatly influence the B2B lead-to-saleprocess. This is your guide for Web marketing success. David Meerman Scott, bestselling author ofThe New Rules of Marketing and PR and World Wide Rave A compelling read for both B2B marketing and salesprofessionals alike, eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale is a practicaland insightful how-to guide that will enable marketers to drive salesconversions and faster sales results. David Thompson, CEO, Genius.com, and founder of the Sales 2.0 Conference Albee lays out a path to understanding buyer personas,building their trust, and delivering contagious content that they want to read.A must-read for B2B marketers looking to engage with today s buyers. Steven Woods, CTO, Eloqua, and author of Digital Body Language If you re looking for a comprehensive, well-researched, single resource to plan,build, execute, and succeed in your eMarketing efforts, then buy this book! Barry Trailer, managing partner, CSO Insights New media, content marketing, social networking . . . Ardath cleverly wraps theseconcepts in a bow and makes this book required reading. . . . Become the expertresource for your customer and watch your business grow. Joe Pulizzi, coauthor of Get Content Get Customers and founder of Junta42 About the Book Web 2.0 has reshaped the role of marketingin the Complex Sales process. Because prospectsnow have instant access to informationabout your company and its products andyour competitors they can make buying decisionswithout ever communicating with you.Doing what you ve always done simply won twork anymore; you must entirely rethink howyou attract and compel buying behavior. With eMarketing Strategies for the ComplexSale, expert B2B marketing strategist ArdathAlbee breaks new ground in the field of digitalmarketing and new customer acquisition.Albee offers techniques and tools for developingand executing strategies that are guaranteedto generate results. The Internet offers an unprecedented opportunityfor creating trusted relationshipswith your prospects and customers beforeyou ever meet them. Never before havemarketers enjoyed such a wide-reaching andvaried communication platform. Yet with allthe noise, you have to stand above the crowd.The key is to converse about meaningful andrelevant topics with your diverse audiences,to share your perspectives on what matters tothem. That s just what Albee teaches us to do. eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale sharesmethods to help you: Create eMarketing strategies basedon customer perspectives Use a contagious content structurefor competitive differentiation Establish trusted relationships Continuously measure, tune, andimprove your effectiveness eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Salealso shares proven approaches to collaboratingwith sales. You can leverage eMarketingto move leads further into the pipeline whilefocusing sales time and energy on highlyqualified opportunities. The results? Reducedtime to sales, increased sales productivity, andgrowing revenues. eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Salereveals processes critical to ensuring that youmake a powerful, measurable contribution tothe lengthy sales process and to the longtermsuccess of your organization as a whole.

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