eBook Expectations of Happiness, Rebecca Ann Collins


por el autor   Rebecca Ann Collins

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ISBN: 9781402253904
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Fecha publicación: 2011
Idioma: inglés

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Three spirited sisters and their very different loves... In this beautifully imagined continuation of a Jane Austen favorite, the Dashwood sisters are all grown up. Marianne is married on the rebound to a much older man. What happens when her first love comes back and threatens her domestic tranquility? Elinor and Edward Ferrars are shy and quiet people, but will the loss of Edward's fortune lead to regret and resentment? And can the spirited Margaret find her own happiness in a love affair that defies the conventions of the day and puts her at the center of all kinds of unwanted attention? Renowned for her historical research and the beautiful pacing of the Regency era, Rebecca Ann Collins weaves a compelling tale of sisterhood, loyalty, and the infinite varieties of the pursuit of love and happiness. Praise for The Pemberley Chronicles: This story will captivate readers. ? Library Journal What readers say: A gorgeous book ... so well done, so neatly realized, it is a real treat for Austen fans. Unforgettable ... Ms. Collins weaves a masterpiece that reaches the heart.

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