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ISBN: 0000071407251
Tema: Disciplinas auxiliares - Armamento militar
Editorial: Mc Graw Hill Interamericana
Fecha publicación: 2011
Idioma: Inglés
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When the kids you told to Grow up! really do...Pat yourself on the back! You survived the harrowing sleepless nights nursing high fevers and waiting up for your kids to come home from their first date. The hard part is over, and now it's time to sit back, relax, and reap the rewards of those countless Saturday mornings spent at the soccer field. Right? Wrong! Parenting doesn't automatically stop on a child's eighteenth birthday. Learn how much (or how little) advice, emotional support, and financial backing to offer adult children. Kathy Peel, best-selling author and founder of Family Manager, Inc., draws from her three decades of professional and personal experience to guide you in your new role as parents of grown children. She offers positive and practical ways to help your offspring become successful adults. Each chapter offers insightful ideas as well as helpful do's and don'ts. You'll learn how to: prepare kids to leave the nest and land on their feet; give support without becoming a full-time parent again; be a dreambuilder, not a dreambuster; repair relationships with older children and show love in ways that matter; make your home a magnet so older children want to come back to visit; deal with difficult in-laws; be a great grandmother; keep your clan connected as it expands; and carve out time and space for yourself as you continue to care for others. Learn how to be a great mother for a lifetime with the sage advice found in Family for Life.

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