eBook Gearz, Dan Rafter


por el autor   Dan Rafter

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ISBN: 9781620984352
Tema: Arte - Diseño gráfico
Editorial: Bluewater Productions
Fecha publicación: 2015
Idioma: Ingl�s

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Karen Chugg is suddenly the most popular student in school. But she can t shake the sneaking suspicion that her newfound popularity has more to do with her three new friends each of whom happens to be a super-powered robot than it does with her gluten-free cookies, big heart and winning smile. Then there s the matter of the rogue teachers, chemical-fueled beasts, hooded assassins and clueless president, all of whom would like to tear Karen s new robot pals apart. And if that s not enough for a high school junior to worry about, there s also the new boy in school, who just happens to be the only robot bigger, meaner and deadlier than Karen s new friends.

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