eBook General Theory of the Conditional Evolution of Life, Jose Tiberius


por el autor   Jose Tiberius

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ISBN: 9788415328759
Tema: Ciencias - Biología
Editorial: MOLWICK
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés

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Every theory has a philosophical substratum, including the experimental theories even the concept of perception is a usually studied by philosophers. In a theory directly related to the concept of life, this duality is more openly apparent. Therefore, it is advisable to have both points of view present so as not to mix them and let a different philosophic-religious position affect the acceptance or rejection of the evolutionary theory s scientific content.The ideas of the new theory of evolution or Evolutionary Biology orbit around the objectives of evolution such as the direct cause of changes in genetic information and the way in which these changes are passed on to descendants. The new proposals are conceptually closer to Lamarck and Mendel s theories of evolution than to Darwin s theory.The fundamental development in the General Theory of Conditional Evolution of Life is the concept of the evolution as an internal mechanism of improvement of living beings that transmits to descendants. At the same time, I can cite especially the evolutionary mechanism of sexual differentiation and the method of Verification of Genetic Information (VGI) as the new key on theory of evolution, origin of life, human evolution and intelligence evolution.

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