eBook Give Peas a Chance, Kate Samela


por el autor   Kate Samela

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ISBN: 9781402270741
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Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: inglés

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Like every parent, you've probably... ?Begged, Please, just take one more bite ?Wondered if you should sneak nutrition into what you make ?Worried that your child is picky, and just getting pickier A practical and easy-to-use guide from registered dietitian and pediatric specialist Kate Samela, Give Peas a Chance is everything you need to finally manage finicky toddlers at the table. You'll not only ensure that your child is getting good nutrition, but also promote a healthy relationship with food and expand the repertoire of even the pickiest of eaters! Kate Samela provides an easy-to-understand, scientifically valid approach to feeding picky toddlers.Jeffrey S. Hymans, MD Kate Samela shows parents of toddlers that there's no need to press the nutritional panic button.Lauren Slayton, MS, RD

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