eBook Grimm Vol. 1: The Coins Of Zakynthos, Kyle McVey


por el autor   Kyle McVey

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ISBN: 9781606906781
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa de terror
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Español

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Detective Nick Burkhardt of the Portland PD is more than familiar with strange happenings as a Grimm, he has gone head to head with many creatures that were thought to be the stuff of children s fairy tales. Not only are these creatures real, but they ve kidnapped his mother in an effort to obtain an artifact of great power: the Coins of Zakynthos. Tossed into a globe-spanning journey along with his partner, Detective Hank Griffith, and his Wesen friend Monroe, Nick suddenly finds himself in the middle of a centuries long war. Forging a reluctant alliance with the Wesen Resistance and a new mysterious Grimm, Nick must not only get his mother back, but also destroy the coins before they fall into the wrong hands. But in a world where even blood doesn t guarantee loyalty, who can he really trust?

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