eBook Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper Graphic Novel, Volume 2, Marc Guggenheim


por el autor   Marc Guggenheim

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ISBN: 9781935829317
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa de ciencia ficción
Editorial: liquid
Fecha publicación: 2014
Idioma: Español
Formato electrónico:  EPUB 

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What if you could have the world of your dreams...and all it cost you was every private thought you ever had. Five hundred years in the future, the government monitors everything - including your most private thoughts. Everyone on earth has been infected with a virus that allows a central computer known as the Omnimind, to tap into and analyze people s thoughts. As a result, all crime has been eliminated from society for decades, until a violent murder shatters the fragile social facade. Searching for answers, a group of rebels have engineered the ultimate weapon: a genetically altered child, born immune to the virus. With the ability to act undetected, he's the only one on the planet that can elude the elaborate apparatus of the suffocating Ominimind. Now in a society where security is the paramount concern, the hunt is on for the one flaw in the system that might bring the whole house of cards crashing down. Created and written by Marc Guggenheim (Amazing Spider-Man, No Ordinary Family, Halcyon), with artwork by Jeevan J. Kang (John Woo s Seven Brothers, The Sadhu, Ramayan 3392AD). Issue #1 of the comic series ranked as #4 in Newsarama's Newsworthy New Releases. "This concept of privacy being essential to individualism will be an interesting topic to explore. Nowhere Man #1 is certainly worth a look. (8.1 out of 10)" Crave Online "It s got a lot of great action, and the story is moved along flawlessly. If you haven t heard of this comic before, well you should have. More importantly you need to pick this book up." - One Geek Nation "Minority Report from the other side of the cell leads to an arresting ride." Broken Frontier

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