eBook Haunted, Joy Preble


por el autor   Joy Preble

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ISBN: 9781402244704
Tema:  - Libros sin catalogar
Fecha publicación: 2011
Idioma: inglés

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Anne Michaelson is trying to forget everything that happened last year. But it's hard to do when her heart aches for Ethan and there's a wild-haired woman stalking her... Ethan Kosinsky is embracing his newfound mortality. But something is drawing him back to the girl he left behindback to Anne and back to the magic... A mysterious stranger is hunting Anne wherever she goes. No one sees her but Anne. When she searches for the woman's identity, Anne exposes secrets about her own life things that will change her life forever. And when the gorgeous Ethan returns, her life gets a lot more complicated. Anne thought her journey with the Romanov family had ended, but it was just the beginning... Praise for Dreaming Anastasia: A ride of paranormal fantasy, contemporary and historical fiction, with a little bit of romance. It's the perfect blend.Examiner.com Dreaming Anastasia is a story of love and loss on many different levels. It was a wild, fun, and sweetly romantic ride.Galleysmith.com An intriguing tale of magic, tragedy, love, and betrayal...Be prepared to fall into this story...Lovers of fantasy and romance will not be disappointed...YABooksCentral.com

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