eBook How to Adore an Older Woman, MJ Rennie


por el autor   MJ Rennie

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ISBN: 9781935897545
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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A pair of short novels that explore a richly sensual relationship between a dynamic, dominant woman and a much younger submissive man. In Obeying Margery, Kenneth White is only 18 years old, a slender, handsome youth with remarkable sexual stamina. He becomes enthralled with his mother's lesbian partner, Margery DeGrange, a beautiful woman 14 years his senior. To keep Ken from the clutches of immoral, college girls, Margery initiates a program of regular sexual relief, masturbating Ken daily. But when Margery moves out of the household, Ken falls into dangerous a downward spiral, and under the rule of a specially appointed guardian, corrective measure are taken to allow him the control he needs. In Gratifying Gretchen, Kenneth, now forty-one, drifts into the hands of the older and very dominant Gretchen Brantwell, who immediately recognizes Ken's submissive nature. As soon as her control over Ken is firmly established, she begins distributing his oral services to other older women who share her unique female supremacist viewpoint and modern neo-pagan faith.

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