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ISBN: 9786073141505
Tema: Empresa - Gerencia
Editorial: Random House
Fecha publicación: 2016
Idioma: inglés
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What should we do as individuals and countries to expand the innovation economy? What should Latin America do to produce world-class innovators like Steve Jobs? To explore these questions, Oppenheimer-a Pulitzer Prize awarded journalist-explores the secrets of the brilliant careers of present-day innovators. Among others, Oppenheimer tells the story of Pep Guardiola, a brilliant soccer coach that led Barcelona's team to his most glorious seasons; the chef Gaston Acurio, who transformed Peruvian food into an engine of economic growth; Bre Pettis, an entrepreneur who is revolutionizing the 3D printing industry; Salman Khan, an American teacher who created a ground-breaking free online educational site, or Sir Richard Branson, the British tycoon who is creating a space tourism industry. From these stories, with his usual clarity and insightful style, Oppenheimer arrives to specific conclusions that could help detonate the great creative potential in the Americas. Reviews: "Riveting... Oppenheimer's investigative skills are considerable and his story sense wonderful." -The Los Angeles Times- "A wonderfully subtle and informed account." -Newsday- "A fascinating story, rich with detail and painstakingly reported." - The Philadelphia Inquirer- "Oppenheimer was exhaustive in his research...His reporting is solid and engrossing." -Time- "Gripping....superb, highly recommended book." -San Diego Union Tribune- "Oppenheimer's book reads like a thriller." -Mario Vargas Llosa- "A spectacular job of reporting, investigating and observing." -Bob Woodward- "Oppenheimer occupies a unique space in the press of the Americas. His journalistic work sets the agenda of political debate" -Le Monde-

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