eBook Innovation Breakdown, Joseph V Gulfo


por el autor   Joseph V Gulfo

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ISBN: 9781618689580
Tema: Empresa - Gerencia
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2014
Idioma: Ingl�s

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Winner of Maverick of The Year Award and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, and featured by WSJ, Fortune and Bloomberg TV for his battle to defeat unlawful actions by the FDA, Dr. Gulfo provides a first-hand riveting account of an against-all-odds fight that demonstrates what it takes to advance breakthrough medical products that truly benefit patients. Having been responsible for the development and FDA approval of three innovative cancer products, he provides the reader with ringside seats to the struggles that entrepreneurs of biotech and medtech companies must fight to successfully bring ideas to marketed innovative products that truly advance the lives of patients. As exclaimed by one real-life witness to a high profile public battle recounted in the book, It was like watching Gladiator! The only difference is that this really happened. Sometimes life is more dramatic and unbelievable than fiction; the courtroom-like trial in front of FDA s medical Advisory Panel is certainly one of those times. A second was the declaration of war filing a Citizen Petition against the FDA demanding that it follow its own laws and acts transparently in honoring its binding agreements. A third was a Congressional Hearing at which the FDA subsequently admitted that a mistake was made. The book contains public record facts woven together in a series of compelling stories complete with unique characters and deeply personal insights. Unrelenting focus, even to the level of personal destruction, and leadership through crises are other major themes. In medical school and residency, the author was taught to see one, do one, and teach one as the means to master a procedure and to complete the circle of education. With respect to biotech and medtech companies that have been severely compromised by an untenable system, having seen one, done one, and taught one he now seeks to prevent a hundred similar unfortunate examples. Continued advancement of our national health depends on it.

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