eBook Island Bound, Everett Bedford


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ISBN: 9781937831042
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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Everett Bedford, author of Properly Whipped and Alaya’s Assignment, writes another tantalizing tale of erotic mystery. On the voyeuristic island of Nuan, where sex is D/s and exotic, we find James Martin Halstead, bookkeeper and trainer of the best submissives on the planet. He is worried about his finest submissive, Laura, who has turned 30 and will have to submit herself to a special ceremony for Nuanese women, The Beheading. Crieger, a local crime boss and leader of a cult that uses women in hedonistic ceremonies, has come to Halstead seeking a submissive to use in an upcoming dark ritual that will involve a sacrifice. James gives him a free sample in the form of his newest trainee, Saree, who fellates Crieger, turning him into a stumbling, weak-kneed mess. Halstead, however, has done his research on Crieger and his cult and refuses to work with him. The Beheading ceremony, held in front of the masses of Nuan, goes on without a hitch. Halstead takes Laura’s virginity in a sensual public scene. However, instead of giving Laura off to the crowd, he runs with her and promises that she can be his now and forever. Unfortunately for Laura and James, they fall right into the hands of Crieger and his attempted coup.  Back at the Respite estate, Halstead succumbs to the wiles of one other submissive, Anya, who drugs him into unconsciousness and covers him with a carpet. Crieger’s cronies find Laura in her rooms and take her with them without telling her where they’re going. Can Laura stay true to her one and only master? Will Halstead find out the real reason behind the coup? Is Anya part of Crieger’s group or does she have some other hidden secret?

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