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por el autor   Dan Boultwood

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ISBN: 9781782765738
Tema: Cómics - Cómics
Editorial: TITAN BOOKS
Fecha publicación: 2014
Idioma: Español

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Fans of 'Mystery Science Theatre 3000 will love this hilarious B-Movie romp. In 'IT CAME! 'director Dan Boultwood has unearthed a lost classic, a love-letter to low-budget SF cinema. Now this charming comedy adventure is collected in a deluxe edition, with all-new special features. Enormous alien robot GRURK lays waste to the bucolic 1950s English countryside. When the British Army proves ineffective, only pipe-chomping space scientist Dr. Boy Brett and his assistant Doris Night (a lady) stand a chance of stopping it from sapping what remains of the British Blitz Spirit! How can they possibly prevail against this alien intelligence?! And could Doris hold the key to beating this invasion? Keep your upper lips stiff, your ties immaculately knotted, and your notions of gender equality dialled back sixty years for the sake of the planet! PLUS! Character sketches, movie posters, in-universe interview and an all-new 'trailer story for upcoming dinosaurrific follow-up, LOST VALLEY OF THE LOST: exclusive to this volume.

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