eBook Joan's Calculated Surrender, JA  Schenley


por el autor   JA Schenley

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ISBN: 9781937831103
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2014
Idioma: Inglés
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Her marriage was better than most in modern America, but her early 40’s ripened her sexual desires. Masturbation meant descending the steps to the dark cellar of her submissive imagination and sex with another woman. A place inhabited with images of stunning women and frightening implements of punishment.  She suffers punishment at the hands of beautiful young women that are now half her age. In these dark dreams, Joan is commanded to kneel and satisfy the woman who  just defeated her. Her own husband  suffers alongside. She wants this so badly, but is there a way to make this ‘real’? Then, one day, she stumbles on a gift! An old “swingers” magazine that her husband had bought just before they vanished off the market. Inside she finds the young, demanding woman of her dreams! She will do to Joan and her husband exactly what she is dreaming of! How easy to arrange this! Her husband would relish his lovely wife dominated and controlled, and seeing her perform lesbian sex acts... So what if he might suffer a bit as well? Joan and her husband meet exquisite and strict Victoria Thompson, the real-life fantasy woman of all of her most erotic dreams. What happens in those few hours will shock them both. Watch her life change forever! 

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