eBook JOHN WOO: SEVEN BROTHERS (SERIES 2), Issue 10, Saurav Mohapatra


por el autor   Saurav Mohapatra

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ISBN: 9781626659308
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa de ciencia ficción
Editorial: liquid
Fecha publicación: 2014
Idioma: Español

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PART TWO: From the minds at Liquid Comics comes a future where citizens have zero rights. Freedom of speech? Nope. Freedom to vote? Gone. Freedom to ride? Don't even think about it. This is life in the big city. But a brave few live in savage and barren lands, opting to be hounded by the police instead of succumbing to their totalitarian government. Meet Slade, G-Boy and Grease Monkey three friends who satisfy their need to ride by building tricked out illegal cars… it's a need for speed that could cost them their lives. When Slade is captured by Government henchmen, G-Boy and Grease Monkey find themselves on the run. When they encounter the Ryders, a rebel group of drivers intent upon bringing down the tyrannical regime, they embark on the ride of their lives that will take them across the landscape of cities and deserts, men and mutants, to where the only real freedom is on the open road.

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