eBook Jordon's Pet, Rose Thornwell


por el autor   Rose Thornwell

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ISBN: 9781934349335
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2014
Idioma: Inglés
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Glen loves his wife Carly, but when Carly's old friend, the sultry, wicked Jordan shows up for a brief stay, she sets her sights on Glen. A little seduction a little blackmail and now he's powerless to resist her advances. If only it were mere sex she wanted, though. Glen quickly learns that Jordon is a dominatrix and a true sadist who makes a sport out of ruining unsuspecting males and taking their freedom. Within hours, she has him snared, and Glen finds himself submitting to pain, laced with pleasure. The woman's a drug he can't get enough of. She tortures and humiliates him: she makes him steal (to ensure his cooperation), and then kidnaps him to a house of wickedness where men are treated worse than animals. Glen's only hope is that his wife will dominate him the way he so desperately needs to be dominated. He confesses his 'sins' to Carly, who is happy to punish him - in public. Glen never dreamed his wife could be so cruel! Will Carly take him back or throw him over to Jordon? Which is worse for Glen? Will either woman allow him to ever be more than a chained and writhing pet, a total and complete pain slut? The last few pages alone hold the key.

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