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ISBN: 9781937831189
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2014
Idioma: Inglés
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Mortified after Dave asked her to suck his cock, Kay calls him every name in the book and they part company. After a month, she realizes she misses him terribly and figures she can win him back and not have to do anything as disgusting as fellatio. Kay goes to the Cathedral, where Dave is the Bishop, and puts her charms to work. They decide to go on vacation together to his cottage in Jordan Valley, but he has one condition, she must completely submit to him to determine if she can live with his lifestyle and marry him. Figuring she can convince him she’s the one in control, Kay agrees. When she rebels during the drive by not immediately taking off her panties in the car, he tells her to get out on the side of the road. He grabs a paddle out of his trunk and proceeds to spank her disobedient ass. She soon realizes that he’s serious about the submission. After her punishment, she has to get back in the car panty-less and they resume their drive. Upon arriving in beautiful Jordan Valley, Kay learns this village is like no other. Men are dominant and the women are expected to submit, or they receive harsh punishment, mostly in public. They soon find themselves watching Seth switch his wife, Rebecca, for sassing him. The punishment takes place over his porch railing that most houses in the village have installed just for this purpose. Kay takes it well, but cannot imagine Dave actually doing anything like that to her. During her week, Kay learns the true meaning of submitting herself completely to Dave. D.W. Collins brings us a titillating tale of training a perfect submissive

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