eBook Kissing Her Whip, Rose Thornwell


por el autor   Rose Thornwell

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ISBN: 9781934349519
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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No man can resist the strippers at Emerald Lights. They'll empty your wallet and leave you broken and whimpering. But whatever you do, Don't Touch! Or you'll find yourself learning your place...the hard way. You'll be taken down to the dungeon and left in the dark a few hours first, just to think about things. Then you'll be introduced to Zayta, head bouncer and former Eastern European commando. She'll take your clothes and your pride. You'll beg for the privilege of licking her boots and kissing her whip, and oh, how you'll suffer on the way! Zayta delights in her games and she plays them every night. The club's owner, Shea O'Halloran likes her boy toys, too. Her male strippers double as her caged and collared pets, and Max Carlucci is her latest victim. He's a tough as nails former wrestler, but one flash of her green eyes is enough to bring him to heel. She establishes a chain of command immediately, making him strip naked as part of his job interview for a bouncer position. Max gets the job along with a long list of impossible rules. She gives him a taste of punishment on his bare ass. Max is hooked, but what to do when Zayta wants him, too? Can one man survive a tug of war between two mistresses? How far will they go to make him theirs? Max has no option but to submit, serving the whims of each, all the while watching the parade of men coming in each night and ending up in the dungeon.

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