eBook Last Line of Defense, N J Corbo


por el autor   N J Corbo

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ISBN: 9781629204574
Tema: Juvenil - Juvenil
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2015
Formato electrónico:  EPUB 

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You are Phil "Fixer" Halverson, center for the Chesterton Middle School Dragons. At 6'1", you've got the height to get the job done (as long as it's not a free throw!). They call you "fixer" because your defensive skills are practically legendary. You're fast and graceful, and on the court, you're in control at least, you used to be. Problems at home are finding their way into your game. Your mom is always upset, your dad is always at work, and your little brother is always in trouble. Your focus is off and it's beginning to show. Will trying to fix things at home ruin things on the court?

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