eBook Lord Manifest Before Us, Mark Canada


por el autor   Mark Canada

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ISBN: 9781621360544
Tema: Ciencias Humanas - Religión
Editorial: Charisma Media
Fecha publicación: 2012
Idioma: Inglés
Formato electrónico:  EPUB 

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Does Your Worship Invite the Presence of God? The goal of every church worship service should be to experience the presence of God. If we passionately adhere to biblical principles of worship and give God an open window to respond, we will witness authentic manifestations of His Spirit in our churches. In Lord, Manifest Before Us, church musician Mark Canada sheds light on the subject of corporate worship. Mark calls upon years of study and experience working across denominational lines to outline four main principles of corporate worship, and offers insight into the biblical foundations of music, dancing and prophetic worship. Whether you are a worship leader, church musician or congregation member, Lord, Manifest Before Us will encourage you to take a closer look at your worship offering to the Lord and make sure that it brings glory to your heavenly Father.

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