eBook Mad Swine: The Beginning, Steven Pajak


por el autor   Steven Pajak

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ISBN: 9781618680020
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa de terror
Editorial: Permuted Press
Fecha publicación: 2012
Idioma: Español

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People refer to the infected as zombies, but that s not what they really are. Zombie implies the infected have died and reanimated. The thing is, they didn t die.  They re still alive; they even breath. They re just not human anymore. Screams and a pulled fire alarm transform Matt Danzig s average day in the university admissions office to anything but normal. After witnessing a colleague attacking a student with his teeth, Danzig begins a hectic journey to find his kids, his wife, and perhaps a much darker version of himself than he ever expected.  As the infection spreads and crazed hordes--dubbed Mad Swine --take over the cities, Danzig and the residents of Randall Oaks find themselves locked in a desperate struggle to survive in the new world. 

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