eBook Memory, Language and other Brain Abilities, Jose Tiberius


por el autor   Jose Tiberius

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ISBN: 9788415328162
Tema: Psicología - Historia de la psicología
Editorial: MOLWICK
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés

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The third book of the Global Cognitive Theory is dedicated to the different types of memory, functional analysis and its genetic base; giving rise to explanations about the power of language and other intellectual capacities and to ideas as how to improve memory and its limits.The memory is the brain s second major function and, undoubtedly, must be correlated to the development of the brain. The cognitive theory of this intellectual capacity until now has not been as developed as that of intelligence; perhaps due to its complexity and the types of existing memories. Language can be an example of this complexity and variability, since it consists of the interaction of different types of intelligence and memory, which are maintained in different physiological and working processes of the brain. Types of memory through their temporal perspective (short, medium, and long term) and by their temporal persistence and reliability.Management of information from the perspective of intelligence as a manager of knowledge or, strictly speaking, memory. Unconscious mechanisms of compression, degradation and reconstruction of information, and conscious optimization mechanisms.

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