eBook Nocturnities for Kids, Jose Tiberius


por el autor   Jose Tiberius

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ISBN: 9788415328001
Tema: Filología - Historia y crítica de la Literatura
Editorial: MOLWICK
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés

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This little collection of short tales for kids contains an assortment of personalized and original fairy tales for an adequate preparation of children at bedtime, usually based on true stories.They are stories for little boys and girls; from 2 to 7 years old approximately, that s why the style of the spoken tales is very simple on occasions, with very short sentences and quite elemental ideas.A common characteristic to all the collection of short stories for kids in this book is to contain love stories or tales. Love is the context or background that gives cohesion to all the stories, its interpretation and its assimilation; it is even a tool, necessary to understand the baddies.Children detect if the tales and legends are told or read to them by people or if they are reproduced by other means. They appreciate the effort and they understand that it is not always possible to give them all the desirable time. An important element is that the boys and girls should have the opportunity to choose the spoken tale or bedtime story or, at least, their opinion should always be taken into account.

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