eBook Obedience School, Reese  Gabriel


por el autor   Reese Gabriel

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ISBN: 9780976967965
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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Bryley Janison has an attitude problem. She wastes her husband Gavin's money, whizzes plates at his head and won't give him the tiniest bit of satisfaction in bed. Gavin's boss Roth has the answer. Bryley must be brought to heel, stripped of her clothing, freedom and dignity and remade into a proper wife. He has just the place - a secret school where uppity females are trained like dogs to serve the absolute pleasure of their masters. Bryley is sent against her will, and while on her way to the school, she learns that her new purpose in life is to 'get men off'. She begins her schooling along with a spoiled young socialite, renamed Brat and a snobby would-be divorcee whom the male Warders call Barbie. The three are stripped and thrown naked into a stinking cell after being abused and humiliated by several guards. They are told they must submit like animals, but Bryley soon finds herself singled out by the school's mysterious head man, the handsome Royce. He offers to watch over her, but she soon finds he may have a higher price than she can afford. She struggles to keep her identity, even while feeling things for Royce that may make her forget her marriage vows. Gavin meanwhile has struggles of his own, as his boss seeks to prepare him as a slave owner by letting him have his way with Allison, his beautiful blonde pet-wife.

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