eBook On His Knees, Rose Thornwell


por el autor   Rose Thornwell

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ISBN: 9780974289229
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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Young Kyle is eager to please his new boss, Alexandra, a blonde siren with a reputation for humiliating and controlling men. The naiveKyle is easy prey for the wily vice president and soon finds himself submissively licking her feet - and a whole lot more! Alexandra is so impressed with her handsome Kyle, that - much to his dismay, she farms him out as a sex toy to important clients, both male and female. Desperate to escape his new 'job', he turns to co-worker Brittany as his ticket out. While the pretty Brittany does get Alexandra off his back, he discovers that the little goddess has demands of her own. While Kyle is in love with the girl and more than happy to submit to her, the lovely Brittany is not exactly what she seems. Before he understands what's happening, he's abducted off the street, forced into a van and taken to a corporate 'retraining camp,' where he must undergo rigorous, naked training. Kyle soon learns there's a steep price to be paid for becoming Brittany's newest toy. This deviant Femdom novel contains rigorous female domination, compulsory anal and oral sex, golden showers, corporal punishment, multiple partners and detailed male slave training.

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