eBook Ordinary #1, Rob Williams


por el autor   Rob Williams

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ISBN: 9781782765851
Tema: Cómics - Cómics
Editorial: TITAN BOOKS
Fecha publicación: 2014
Idioma: Español

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"Ordinary is a truly extraordinary experience from two of the greatest creators in British comics. Paul Cornell 'Williams and D Israeli have concocted one of the most engaging and imaginative comics I ve read in years. Perfectly paced and gorgeously illustrated, Ordinary is wonderfully insane with a unique yet relatable lead. Rick Remender 'Rob Williams and D Isreali are masters of the big picture and the tiny details. Douglas Wold, author of 'Reading Comics: How Graphic Novels Work and What They Mean. When a strange plague gives every human being on the planet special powers, it s seen as the next step in human evolution. But hope quickly turns to terror, as every war, terrorist attack, every crime, every simple street argument escalates to a truly horrific point. The world is tearing itself apart every trouble spot becomes a monstrous war zone and nuclear Armageddon looms. The plague MUST be cured if humankind is to survive. The key lies in the blood of the only human being who DIDN T get powers when the plague hit. A downtrodden, recently divorced New York plumber named Michael Fisher. The most ordinary man alive has suddenly become the most extraordinary person on Planet Earth. Giant baseball players, grannies aging in reverse, a talking Grizzly bear. That nothing out of the Ordinary!

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