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ISBN: 9781937831004
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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Overloaded with Chaz is a highly entertaining “how-to” book for guys looking for tried and true techniques for getting women in bed with little to no after effects, especially that troublesome problem of love. The book was created (written) to help those men who have difficulty relating to women, teaching them how not to appear as a jerk. Included is guidance for those hoping to bang chicks normally unattainable to the average guy. The main character, Chaz, is one of those average guys, nothing special in the looks or money department, though he keeps himself fit, dresses nice and always has a job. Each chapter describes how Chaz is able to get oral sex, anal sex and generally use women for his own pleasure. Fortunately, for the reader, he is blatantly honest when he explains that his methods are not always a sure thing, and that some of these sizzling scenarios do not happen overnight. In fact, some of the stories result in years of trial and error. His techniques range from garnering sympathy for a recent breakup, giving flowers for no reason, acting as a protector and many other tricks. Charming Chaz includes many descriptive pictures of different types of women. The “conquests” range from picking up that ditzy blonde in the bar, finally tapping that old high school tease, seducing the Asian cutie in the Asian restaurant, picking up a hottie at the mall, seducing a single mom MILF, to scoring with a woman bent on revenge to get back at her husband.

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