eBook OZ #11, Ralph Griffith

OZ #11 

por el autor   Ralph Griffith

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ISBN: 9781626658615
Tema: Literatura - Literatura
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2008
Idioma: Español

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"The Perils of Peter". Queen Ozma begins a tour of Oz to enlist the aid of her still-faithful subjects in raising an army to fight the Nome King. Peter remains a prisoner of that tyrant, and is sent to Mombi s torture chamber when it is discovered that Ozma has escaped. Eluding his guards, Peter becomes lost in the Emerald Castle and meets up with a young woman ensorcelled just as the Evil Kings had been. Freeing her, Peter discovers one of the most famous residents of Oz: Dorothy Gale of Kansas! Based on the L Frank Baum Wonderful Wizard of Oz books.

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