eBook OZ: Romance in Rags, Kerr Stuart


por el autor   Kerr Stuart

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ISBN: 9781632946690
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa romántica
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2015

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A mini-series set in the world of OZ as it concentrates on Scarecrow and his tattered lover, Scraps. Set in the days when the Scarecrow was under the evil rule of the amulet, Scraps must decide which side to join. Returning to the days of the Nome King s rule, this series is about the ill-fated love between Scraps the Patchwork Girl, and the Evil King Scarecrow. Although she is one of the Freedom Fighters of Oz, she cannot bear to hear their plans for her beloved s demise. Collects issues 1-3.

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