eBook People Live Still in Cashtown Corners, Tony Burgess


por el autor   Tony Burgess

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ISBN: 9781926851907
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa de terror
Editorial: Sin editorial
Fecha publicación: 2012
Idioma: Español

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"It is what it is. That's her car out there and, well, that's her right there." Jeremy looks at the woman again. There's a few flies dipping in and out of the back of her skull. "What happened to her?" I feel a little uncomfortable. I wasn't really planning to lay it all out like this. "Well, I hate to say this but I killed her." Jeremy nods slowly. He's starting to take this in and I'm relieved. "Don't ask me why. Anything I say is just gonna sound ridiculous." I rub my hand in my hair. I want to appear frustrated. "Things just got out of control."

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