eBook Power of the Valkyrie, Chad Rebmann


por el autor   Chad Rebmann

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ISBN: 9781301293568
Tema: Arte - Diseño gráfico
Editorial: Bluewater Productions
Fecha publicación: 2015
Idioma: Ingl�s

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At last, the epic battle between the goddess Emu and the human Suzanne comes to a head! Both women lay claim to the Valkyrie title, but only one will be victorious. As Suzanne battles the angry god of Asgard, she must grapple with the powerful force inside her: a force consuming her and bringing back dark memories from her past. As Suzanne learns more about the power she wields, and the history of Sword, she must make a choice: stay in Asgard and be a pawn or flee to Earth and back to her old way of life.

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