eBook Punish Me, Please: Slavery For Sheila, Reese  Gabriel


por el autor   Reese Gabriel

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ISBN: 9781934349267
Tema: Literatura - Narrativa erótica
Fecha publicación: 2013
Idioma: Inglés
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The beautiful Sheila is sought after by many men, but her erotic dreams lie in a different direction. She wants a lover who will strip her naked, lock a collar on her throat, and make her his slave. All day long she fantasizes about her domineering, darkly handsome boss, Jeremy Stone. Little does the shapely redhead realize that Stone is a professional white slaver who has already guessed her secret desires. Stone's secretaries have disappeared before, and no one asks why. Now it is Sheila's turn. Taking her to dinner, Stone introduces her to the world of submission she has craved. From the moment he demands she take off her panties right there at the table, she is his. One humiliation follows another, and before long, Sheila is naked in an alley, begging to be whipped to her most sensitive places. Stone takes her home, cuffed, in the trunk of his limo. And so begins Sheila's training. She leads a double life, serving as his secretary while also servicing his brutal associates who make use of her as a receptacle in every conceivable way. The slightest lapse on Sheila's part leads to cagings and beatings. Sheila had wanted a Master to love her, but Stone has promised only to use her up and sell her to a cheap brothel. Her one hope is Johnny, a handsome young executive who loves her and who seems to have an interest in domination himself. Will Johnny win her from Stone or is it too late for Sheila? The clock is ticking as Stone locks her away in his penthouse, confining her in a leather hood and reducing her to a sensorially deprived pet and slut of the highest order. Another hard-hitting and creative S&M read from best-selling author, Reese Gabriel.

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